5 Areas Of Your Body That Betray Your Age

5 Areas Of Your Body That Betray Your Age

older skin

Many people believe that you should ‘age gracefully’.

Now while I tend to agree with this to a point, I also really believe in prevention.

A little bit of time and money spent can help you stay looking and feeling younger for longer.

Its quite possible to delay the onset of saggy knees, lines, wrinkles and hands covered in age spots.

“Start while you are young, and you will stay looking young – Thats my belief.”

There are five areas of your body that even with your best intentions, can betray your age.

This article reveals these 5 areas, and also suggests how you can slow and possibly even halt the signs of ageing.

Your Mouth

Do you drink your favourite tipple with a straw, or have you invested in one of those annoying re-usable, travel coffee cups that you have to sip your drink out through a small hole?

Even worse, do you still smoke?

pursing your lips

Think about what you are doing when you do this – you purse your lips – in many cases, numerous times a day.

Now if you think about it, what does this action do to your mouth and the delicate skin surrounding it?

It screws it up and causes the onset of fine lines and wrinkles!.

What Can I Do?

The first thing is to STOP SMOKING straight away.

I know its really hard, I smoked for 40 years but one day I decided to stop, and I haven’t looked back.

Start drinking your drinks directly from the cup or glass, NOT through a straw or a small hole. 

You need to keep the area hydrated, Moisture is essential to these crucial and delicate areas and help to reduce and if you catch them before they start, stop fine lines from forming.

Look for products containing active anti ageing peptides and neuropeptides to provide moisture, volume and nourishment to the area around your mouth. 

You can also add a small amount of eye cream to the skin around your mouth, but unlike around the eye area, the skin around the mouth has pores, so if you are prone to pimples, this could result in a breakout of spots.

Your Hands

Hands are one of the major betrayers of age, even if your face looks years younger. 

The Reason For This?

Hands are almost permanently exposed to the elements, in particular the sun. This is the main cause of age spots, lines and wrinkles.

ageing hands

How Can I Prevent This Happening?

Apply sunscreen to the back of your hands religiously, also moisturise morning, noon and night. There are some multi purpose products thats do both in one application – look for one with at least SPF 15. 

If you are already using sunscreen on your face, then get into the habit of rubbing it onto the back of your hands at the same time.

Your Neck

One of my favourite authors Nora Ephron wrote a witty and honest book titled “I feel bad about my neck”.

(Its A Great Read Too!)

Just as with your hands, its easy to overlook the neck, and in return its all to quick to show the signs of ageing if you don’t act early enough.

saggy neck

Nothing says ’50+ older lady’ that a saggy neck, and I for one do not relish the idea of a surgeon cutting into my neck for cosmetic reasons.

Can I Stop This?

Consider wearing a scarf whenever you go out, it looks stylish, chic and helps protect the delicate neck area from the elements. 

Also use sunscreen and moisturiser religiously. Apply morning and evening, massaging the cream both upwards and backwards making sure that every part of your neck is covered.

There are some amazing neck creams available, but a good moisturiser with SPF 15 is perfectly adequate.

Your Elbows

Have you ever wondered how many times during a day you actually bend your arms, flexing those elbows?

Its hundreds of times. 

wrinkled elbows

Now you cannot do anything about using your arms, but you can help to reduce the risk of the skin around your elbows developing the lines and wrinkles that age you.

How To Prevent

Exfoliate 3 times a week, and makes sure you focus on your elbows, you be shocked how much dead skin develops there. 

Make your own natural exfoliator using a mix of sea salt and coconut oil, or buy a dedicated body exfoliator.. You also need to moisturise your elbows daily – in fact twice a day. 

A good anti ageing cream would suffice, but you do need to ensure that it contains natural alpha hydroxy acids that help slough off the dead skin.

Your Knees

Sagging knees are a dead giveaway of age.

Who remembers that photo of Demi Moore taken a few years back showing the face of a 20 something who had the knees of a 70 year old? 

Sadly there isn’t too many ways to reverse this problem if its allowed to take hold, that is unless you are happy to consider ‘knee lift’ surgery.

wrinkly knees

What You Can Do Though:

Some experts say exercise is the key to stopping saggy knees, but the jury is most certainly out on that point.  

When it comes down to it, there is only one real thing you can do, and that is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. – Do It Daily!.

To apply, work against gravity, working from bottom upwards, massage the cream into your knees for 5 minutes every day to help stimulate the blood flow, and keep the area lifted. 

A good cellulite cream is another great idea, it can help tighten any loose skin and will lift and tone the area, simply apply this over your moisturiser.

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