Botox Creams

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)

Botox Creams

Can A Cream Really Mimic The Effects Of Injected Botox?

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Botox injections are one of the most popular anti ageing treatments, the reason for this is that they can be very effective at reducing the appearance of those hated lines and wrinkles.

They does have their pitfalls however, they can be quite expensive and have to be repeated every so many weeks to maintain the results. 

What puts many people off is the fact that it involves needles, and the process can be painful in some cases.

There are of course the well publicised cases of when it goes wrong too.

Because of these facts, many people wonder if there is an effective alternative, something that doesn’t require painful injections.

Botox creams do seem to be the answer.

If something can be applied to the skin, with no needles or resulting discomfort thats got to be good right?

Its Partially Right…

When you inject botox, you are putting it down into the deeper tissues of the skins layers, and it is these that become paralysed, reducing the appearance of the surface lines and wrinkles

A topically applied ‘botox’ cream will penetrate through some of the skins layers, but it will not usually get down as deep into the skins tissues as an injection. 

Now we know this fact, we have to ask if a botox cream can be as effective as an injection?

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The Facts

From my research, I have discovered that there is actually no such thing as a true botox cream, there is not a single product available anywhere that actually contains the botox toxin. 

What there are however is some excellent alternatives that mimic the effects (although more temporarily) of the botox toxin, providing tightening and wrinkle reduction for short periods of time.

There are several different options available, two of which are stem cell cream and snake venom cream.

Stem cell cream does not contain the botox toxin, and it actually works in a different way. Instead of paralysing the skin tissue beneath the surface it helps to promote and encourage the production and growth of cells.

This helps generates new skin tissue that is usually more elastic and youthful.

There are some excellent snake serum creams available, these are formulated around certain peptides found in snake venom that produce nerve freezing effects more similar in action to botox. 

The main ingredient in these creams is called Waglerin-1, this peptide is found in the venom of the temple viper.

Just as the snake would use its venom to paralyse its prey in the wild, the peptide in the cream (often marketed as Syn-ake®) helps to mimic the effects of botox by paralysing nerve endings in the skins layers, preventing the contractions that cause lines and wrinkles.

waglerin botox alternative

“I used to love a product containing waglerin-1 called Skinfluence, it really worked, but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore”

If you are looking for a snake venom cream as a viable alternative to botox, I would definitely tell you to speak to a dermatologist, just to make sure that you are fully informed and get the right product for you.

Can Other Creams Mimic The Effects Of Botox

Yes and No is the answer- Now we know that you cannot get actual botox in a cream, so you cannot reproduce the effects of botox directly,  but there are some great topical products that can help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

These do so by helping to boosting elasticity, moisture and by increasing the production of natural collagen, the building block of youthful skin. In doing so, your skin can become smoother, less lined and more youthful looking.

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Final Thoughts

Having naturally youthful skin in your 40’s and beyond is really dependant on how you looked after it in your younger years. if you are in your 20’s and reading this, then start now – drink plenty of water, use a good sunscreen and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

There is no doubt that botox injections have their uses, and if you have the budget and the stomach for potentially painful injections, do provide some good results (even though its never permanent)

As for true botox creams, they don’t really exist, and if they did, from my research, it appears that they could never be as effective as injections.

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