Exposed Skin Care Review

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Exposed Skin Care Review [updated 2020]

Exposed Skin Care : Is This Blend Of Nature And Science Really That Good At Treating Acne?

exposed skin care reviews

There is no doubt about it, who ever you are, whatever your age, acne breakouts can be a real nightmare.

Anything that we use or try or do, it just seems to be resistant to all products on the skincare market.

Suddenly a product is launched that quickly changes things. –  The Reason?

Because It Works!

Exposed Skin Care is that product, launched a number of years ago onto an unexpecting public. 

With fantastic user reviews, and with what seems to be a never ending number of committed fans globally, I decided to check it out.

This review tells you more about Exposed skincare, how it works, its benefits and (if any) its down sides too.

Treating Acne

Over the last decade or so, skincare treatments have taken a massive step forward, especially in anti ageing treatments. 

The treatment of acne however, hasn’t changed that much, for many of us, we kept on using the same old products to try and clear those whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. 

Now many of us may not realise that our skin during puberty, can actually have a direct effect on how our skin ages. Your teenage acne could be the reason why you have lines and wrinkles now.

“Its Not Just Something That Embarrasses You At The School Dance – It Can Have Life Lasting Effects”

how to treat acne breakouts with exposed skin care

There are good and bad implications here, in this review I am focussing on the good things:

Some skincare products that have been developed for other uses, could actually have a positive impact on Acne too.

Basically, any product use to treat spots has to do two main steps:

  1. It had to nourish your skin
  2. It needs to control acne breakouts

There are three key steps involved here:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Healing

If you think about it, your skin is actually really complicated, whats more spots and pimples are complicated too, with so many types, why on earth would we believe that one product could do it all?

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The Exposed Skin Care Products

Exposed Skincare took those two basic steps, and developed a range of 9 treatment products that can help you improve the condition and health of your skin.

They Are As Follows:

  • Cleanser
  • Day Serum
  • Toner
  • Night Serum
  • Moisturiser
  • Exfoliator
  • Probiotic
  • Clarifying Mask
  • Microdermabrasion face cloth

These products use a blend of the best that nature can provide, alongside some proven scientific ingredients to fight acne and its effects.

All products are available separately, but to get best results, (based on users feedback) It’s recommended that you use all the steps.

(I really like the fact that they provide you an easy to complete questionnaire that helps you to determine what products/kit are right for you, your age and skin type:)

how to choose the right exposed skin care kit

The Natural Ingredients In Exposed Skin Care

Exposed uses the following natural ingredients in its formula

Green Tea Extract – Recognised and used for many years due to its effective health benefits. Studies and clinical research has shown that it is effective at treating the p. acnes bacteria, the root cause of many breakouts. Works in a similar way to 3% benzoyl peroxide.

Passion Flower Extract – More of a preventative than a treatment, has fantastic anti inflammatory effects, it calms and soothes the skin, helping to stop further breakouts.

Aloe Vera – Everybody’s favourite ingredient, great at soothing and calming the skin, reducing the unsightly redness that blights our lives.

The Scientific Ingredients In Exposed Skincare

Salicylic Acid – Becoming ever so popular in the treatment of acne, it works to unblock clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. Its effects also help the skin absorb other key nutrients.

Glycolic Acid – Works on the dermis layer of the skin, gets deeper into the skin than many other ingredients, this makes it exceptionally effective when dealing with medium to severe cases of acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide – Found in many good acne products these days, and with good reason, it really can work. 

It has one problem however, it struggles to get really deep into the skins layers.

To Improve this the guys behind Exposed skin care have encased it into microcapsules, helping it to get deep into the skins layers.

ingredients in exposed skin care

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How To Use Exposed Skin Care

Its actually a really simple program to follow, the makers have released this video that highlights just how easy it is to use. 

Its worth a watch before we go further into the individual products.

OK, lets have a look at the individual products:

Facial Cleanser

Exposed skin care facial cleanser

A dead simple formula that contains 0.5% salicylic acid ( beta hydroxyacid) this helps to clear and remove any dead skin cells that might be blocking the pores. It also removes any residue dirt from your skin.

There are two surfactants used to help with the cleansing that mix with any surface dirt and oil allowing them to be easily rinsed away.

These two compounds are cocoamidopropyl betaine and sodium olefin sultanate, usually made from coconut oil, they are considered to be very effective, yet gentle cleaners.

The cleanser is free from those dreaded parabens, I personally liked the inclusion of provitamin B5 (panthenol), it is a really effective moisturiser that helps avoid any skin dryness, this along with sage extract which has an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial effect round up the formula.

My Thoughts On The Facial Cleanser

I found this cleanser to be really gentle, yet effective. I was concerned that it would be a little harsh on my skin, but my fears were unfounded. After using it, my face felt clean and fresh.

Clearing Tonic

exposed skin care clearing tonic

A largely natural formula including a number of botanical extracts. It contains witch hazel which is well recognised for its skin calming effects. It also contains a slightly more powerful dose of salicylic acid (1%) which is to be expected, as tonics or toners are always considered to be the first stage of any acne treatment.

I loved the fact that its also alcohol free, alcohol is for drinking – not putting on your skin in my opinion. 

I hate the way that alcohol dries your skin out, whats more drying your skin out can actually make your acne breakouts worse, as the body naturally increase sebum production to counteract the dryness.

My Thoughts On The Clearing Tonic

It felt nice and cool on my skin, providing that extra clean and skin soothing effect that you need. I actually kept mine in the fridge to make that delightful cooling effect even more pronounced.

Personally I didn’t like the actual scent of the product, but thats a personal thing really and its not so overpowering that it puts you off using it.

Acne Treatment Serum

acne treatment serum

This is your DAY serum in the routine, its largely natural, and has a light, yet effective formula that contains benzoyl peroxide at 3.5%

This is the perfect level to help tackle acne, and reduce it quite progressively. You can certainly find higher doses in other products, but it can cause irritation. Therefore I am quite happy with this sort of dose, its milder, yet consistent.

The serum is also packed with glycerin and propanediol to help hydrate and counteract any drying action caused by the benzoyl peroxide.  

Tea tree oil and green tea extract are also in the mix, the tea tree oil has a similar skin clearing action to benzoyl peroxide, but without the drying action and green tea extract helps to nurture and protect the skin.

My Thoughts On The Treatment Serum

Very lightweight and feels like its very effective, its a great spot treatment too, clearing pimples etc quite quickly. I used in on an irritating spot that appeared on my chin overnight and within 24 hours it had completely gone.

 Clear Pore Serum

clearpore serum

The clear pore serum is the EVENING serum, and just like the day serum is packed with natural ingredients. It uses 1% salicylic acid to help unblock pores, reducing them in size and visibility.

Witch hazel is also included to help calm and sooth the skin, allowing it be have a good rest while you sleep.

Its free from parabens, and the makers have added licorice extract to help calm inflammation and glycerin and panthenol-provitamin (B5) to enhance overnight hydration

My Thoughts On Clear Pore Serum

Slightly heavier or thicker than the day serum, but still relatively lightweight. easy to apply, again I am not sold on the scent but its not powerful enough to put me off.

I didn’t feel any dryness or stinging, so it seems to be the ideal overnight serum. I also liked the fact that its good at individual spot treatments too.

Moisture Complex

moisture complex

Probably my least favourite of the range. It comes in the form of a gel containing various silicones that lock in moisture. 

For me there is a little too many of these silicones in the mix, personally a more natural gel base would have been better. 

Sure the silicone helps to counteract any potential drying out caused by the benzoyl peroxide, its also pretty good at calming irritated skin, especially when the irritation is cased by external sources.

Silicones aside, the product is free from any parabens, and does include some natural extracts in the shape of pumpkin seed, caffeine and green tea extract. 

The latter helping to protect the skin with its powerful antioxidants, the former two helping to reduce irritation and calm skin irritation.

My Thoughts On Moisture Complex

Despite my concerns over the silicones, the product is very light and oil free, it goes on well and is absorbed readily without leaving an oily residue. After the first application, my skin felt moisturised and that feeling lasted for some time.

It might not be strong enough for those with very dry skin, but guess that since most people with acne are more prone to oily skin, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Clarifying Mask

clarifying mask

Used to absorb excess oil and clear any toxins or impurities, its based on charcoal and bentonite. These two ingredient are well respected for their effectiveness in reducing excess oils and toxins.

I was ever so pleased to see the manufacturers including  sulphur (3.0%) and Resorcinol (2.0%) Sulfur helps to absorb excess oils, and the Resorcinol is a brilliant antiseptic and disinfectant that helps to clear the acne bacteria.

Overall the mask had a nice composition that helps to clear skin and improve its healthy appearance.

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My Thoughts On The Clarifying Mask

Masks are one of my favourite things to use, I love the way they make my skin feel. I was really happy after my first use, my skin felt really fresh and clean – the same feeling that you get after a really good facial.

It really reduced the appearance of my blackheads, it absorbed the oxidised sebum that gives that hated black appearance really effectively.

Its recommended that you use it 1-2 times a week, but I would use it every day given the chance.

Microderm Scrub

Exposed microderm scrub

Not unlike any other scrubs that use an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. This one uses aluminium oxide crystals to do the work.

This helps to reveal a clean, clearer skin, it also helps to promote natural skin cell renewal, which can help to reduce the appearance of acne scars and other marks.

It contains nice list of natural ingredients too, these include Aloe Vera which is excellent at speeding up skin healing, Chamomile is excellent at moisturising and healing the skin.

Paraben free, it also contains grape seed oil, and mango seed butter that nourish and protect.

My Thoughts On The Microderm Scrub

This gives a thorough yet gentle scrub as the crystals are quite small. That way it doesn’t cause the irritation that you can experience with some more harsher scrubs.

I really liked it, although if you have really sensitive skin, you might need to wait until the skin is stronger before you use this, or in fact any scrub for that matter.

The Derm-X Cloth

Derm-x cloth

Exposed supply the Derm-X cloth with their 3 treatment kits.

It is a microdermabrasion cloth that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt.

My only concern with using this was that in order to ensure no residual acne bacteria being passed back and forth, you need to ensure that the cloth is washed daily – me being typically lazy would mean that I probably wouldn’t bother.

Or skin is already in daily contact with dirt and germs, when we sleep for instance, oil, skin cells and saliva can collect on our pillows for instance which makes the perfect  breeding ground for the bacteria that aggravates acne. 

The same can be said for makeup brushes, if they are not washed regularly they can develop bacteria that will aggravate our skin.

Its my concern that using the same cloth daily could possibly transfer bacteria back onto the skin, that is unless its washed daily.

Probiotic Complex

probiotic complex

I love probiotics, they are know to help rebalance our body from the inside out, boosting our health and immune system.

The exposed skin care probiotic is a mix of Vitamins A and E, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Chromium, alongside some natural extracts including milk thistle, black walnut which help to detox. 

It also contains some probiotics containing oligosaccharides that help boost digestion and promote the development of natural probiotics.

My Thoughts On The Probiotic Complex

Overall its a well thought out supplement that helps to balance the body, promoting a clearer, healthier skin. I am already a committed user of probiotics so I am completely sold on the idea of taking a day supplement to help boost my skin.

My 30 Day Results

Overall I have to say that I am very happy with the results. 

My acne hasn’t completely disappeared but its way better than its was 4 weeks ago, I reckon with another 2 weeks I should have completely clear skin.

Lets remember, your skin is the largest living organ on your body, its takes time to adapt and rebalance.

Some Words Of Caution

If I was to recommend anything, it would be to not use too much serum, just go sparingly, I used too much one night and it did make my skin dryer than I would normally like. 

If you find that the serum (benzoyl peroxide) makes your skin dry, it maybe worth using it every other day, just so your skin gets that little rest between treatments.

The manufacturers instructions are a great guide, but don’t be afraid to experiment as with all skin care products, one size does NOT fit all. – Listen To Your Skin!

“I learnt later on that benzoyl peroxide can and probably will cause dryness from the start, but after a while as the skin strengthens and repairs, it becomes less affected by the dryness and you can then increase the amount of serum being used”

Naturally those with really oily skin probably wont be affected

I Bet Exposed Skin Care Is Expensive

You might be surprised at this, especially when you compare some other products, you know, the ones that use celebrities to promote and recommend their products. 

But Exposed have set their prices really sensibly. Forget paying $50-60 for each item in their range, instead you can buy individual products from around $18 upwards ( Nothing is more than $30)

What I did like is the fact that Exposed offer a selection of acne care kits, that contain from 5, 6 or 9 products. 

Whats more they are offered at a saving of around 40-50% cheaper when compared to buying individual products

Look For The Basic Kit (5 part) Expanded Kit (6 Part) and Ultimate (9 Part)

exposed skin care kits

To give you an idea , the 6 part expanded kit will cost you $69 ( if you sign up to their membership scheme it gets even cheaper at $59.95)

You get the following:

  • Cleanser 120ml
  • Toner 120ml
  • Moisturiser 50ml
  • 2x Serum 50ml
  • Microdermabrasion cloth.

This provides enough treatment for 6-8 weeks.

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Clearer Skin Or Your Money Back

On top of the savings to be made when you buy a kit, Exposed also provide a 1 year cash back guarantee – Yes you heard me, you have a full 365 days to try and evaluate the products and return for a full refund if you aren’t happy with the results.

Other User Reviews

You won’t find big name celebrities endorsing Exposed skin care, but thats not we really want anyway, you know that they are being paid big bucks to review the products, and did they really use the products??

What is really important to me are real life users.

You have read my own thoughts, but here are some other reviews from independent users.

The official website is full of verified reviews as is Amazon.

This feedback is from everyday people just like you and me who don’t have makeup artists and skin care specialists to help them looking great.

exposed skin care reviews

and its not just women – Guys love it too:

exposed skin care reviews from men

My Final Thoughts And Verdict

Based on my own experiences and the 4.5 and 5 star reviews from over 250,000 people its clear that exposed skin care really does offer something different.

Sure it takes a little while to get to work, but something that is gentle yet effective does need time to get into your pores, clear the excess oil, dead skin and calm and rebalance the skin.

I like the fact that the benzoyl peroxide used is effective yet mild enough to work well without causing too much dryness.

“I would say that if you have mild to severe acne,  Exposed skin care is a great product to use.”

Get The Best Deal – Buy An Exposed Skin Care Kit

We all love amazon, who doesn’t?, but buying direct from the official website gives you the most options and of course you get that amazing 1 year guarantee on top.

I like the fact that you can choose and buy individual products, but the kits offer such great value. 

The 6 piece kit as I mentioned above works out at about $11 per item – even less if you join as a member, thats really inexpensive for products of this quality.

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Have You Used Exposed Skin care? I would love to hear your experiences and feedback – Please use the comments form below to share your story xxx

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