Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 Eye Pads Review

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Collagen and Q10 Eye Pads : Can They Really Reduce Under Eye Puffiness In 20 Minutes?

eye secrets collagen and q10 reviews

I have been quite lucky as the years have advanced, I haven’t got too many lines and wrinkles (yet), and overall I think that I have kept looking quite young. 

I put it down to the fact that for over 35 years I have religiously moisturised and used a good SPF sunscreen every day

But as I approach 60 the one thing that I do suffer from, especially if I don’t get enough sleep are puffy under eye bags along with some dark circles, and boy do I hate them. 

I don’t get them all the time, but when they put in an appearance it really gets me down.

I have tried all the old favourites, slices of cucumber over the eyes, cold damp tea bags and a whole host of creams and eye gels, and to be honest, nothing has really worked that well.

That was until while doing some media archive research, I came across a product that was released back in 2011. 

Made by UK based skin and eye cosmetic specialists Eye Secrets are their Collagen and Q10 Gel eye pads. 

These were released and featured massively in various nation newspapers including the Daily Mail:

eye secrets in daily mail

I bought a pack a couple of months ago, and this is my review

Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 Eye Gel Patches

Eye secrets make a whole range of eye care cosmetic products. 

Their innovative upper eye lid strips that stop droopy eye lids, their 1 minute lift eye cream that tightens that loose, puffy delicate skin around the eyes, an effective eye lash growth enhancing serum and the subject of this review, their Collagen and Q10 eye gel pads.

Infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid, these gel pads work by passing skin plumping ingredients through the skin ( a process known as transdermal delivery). This works to lift, tighten and plump the delicate layers of skin beneath the eyes, dispersing the fluid build up that can cause the puffiness and dark circles.

Discover More At The Official Website Click Here

Whats more the makers tell us that they get to work in as little as 15 -20 minutes.

My Experience With Eye Secret Collagen and Q10 Eye Pads

eye secrets collagen and q10 gel pads

You get 5 pairs of eye pads in a box, they are all shrink wrapped in pairs in foil backed packaging, this helps keep the pads fresh and moist until you need to use them.

They are simple to use:

  • First cleanse your face and dry thoroughly
  • Remove gel pads from packaging
  • Apply to the skin directly under th eyes, they are shaped so they fit around your under eye area
  • Sit and relax for 15-20 minutes ( I use the time to read the papers)
  • Lift the edge and remove slowly.

(my tip) I experimented to see if I could keep the pads and use them again. I wrapped them in cling film and kept them in a cool place and was able to use them 2 more times before they dried out.

The makers do say that even after you have taken them off the collagen and hyaluronic acid that has been passed into the skin still continues to work. – And they claim that they can take 7-8 years from your appearance.

collagen and q10 gel pads

Celebrity Endorsements

It is rumoured that some Hollywood A list stars along with some well loved UK TV stars love these pads, Jennifer Anniston, Diane Laine are two film stars who ( we are told) use these pads to help keep them looking fresh during long periods filming on set. In the UK, actress Michelle Collins and presenter Christine Bleakley ( Lampard) are also supposed to be firm fans.

Many top make up artists now also recommend them.

The skin around your eyes is up to 4 times thinner when compare to the rest of the body, and because of this it is more delicate, and also with constant movement of the face, much more prone to lines, folds and wrinkles.

My Findings

donna eye secrets eye patches

I do not know of these stars do actually use them or not (don’t you just love marketing hype!), but what I can do is report on my own findings and I really found them to work quite well.

I placed my pads in the fridge first to make them nice and cool before I placed them under my eyes. and you do feel a soothing effect from the moment they go on.

After 20 minutes I gently peeled them off, and to be frank was pleasantly surprised, virtually all the puffiness had gone, and the dark circles had all but disappeared.

My Opinion – 

I was sceptical, especially when the advertising starts talking about all these celebrities that are supposed to use them, BUT I personally do not care if they really use them or not… 

I have to say that for me anyway, they are really good. My eye bags virtually disappeared in 20 minutes and that for me is everything.

Buying Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 Eye Pads

The pads ( and in fact the entire Eye Secrets range) can be bought from the sole distributer Bauer Nutritions official website (click here)

A box containing 5 pairs of pads will cost you £24.95. 

The makers do ship worldwide and you can choose to buy in your preferred local currency – simply choose from £, $, CAD, AUD, CHF, EUR, and MXN

As with all products on the Bauer Nutrition website, if you buy 2 you get a 3rd free, if you buy 3, you get another 3 free.

They ship worldwide for free too, and on top of that you get a 60 day cash back guarantee, that assures you of a full refund if you find that the pads do not work for you.

My Final Thoughts On Eye Secrets Collagen and Q10 Eye Pads

Simple to use, portable so you can take the with you so you can use them at the office or whenever on a night out.

They are quite affordable – at just under £5 per treatment – and I found that if you keep them moist you can usually re-use them at least twice more, its much better that those expensive salon treatments.

I love them – and I always have a box in my bedside drawer now just for those days when I wake up with those puffy eyes that I hate so much.

You Can Read More And Buy Your Own Supply From Bauer Nutrition – Click Here

Have you ever used eye secrets collagen and Q10 eye pads? How did they work for you? Maybe you have another product that you loved – Please share your thoughts below

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