Illuminatural 6i Skin Lightener Review 

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Illuminatural 6i Skin Lightener Review 

Do You Have Dark Spots On Your Skin That You Want Rid Of? – Check Out Illuminatural 6i

illuminatural 6i reviews

Sun or liver spots, freckles, birthmarks, acne scars, melasma, or pregnancy mask, you name it most of us have some form of dark spots on our body somewhere. 

On some parts of the body, we can perhaps live with them, but anywhere near our face, neck or shoulders and we want them gone!

Now we cannot all have that perfect “air brushed” look to our skin, especially as we start to get  little bit older, but dark spots that annoy us and reduce our self confidence are a real pain. 

So what can we do about them? Can we reduce their appearance or even remove them altogether?

This review looks at just how dark spots appear, and just how a specialist dark spot removing serum called Illuminatural 6i can help treat the problem.

Dark Spots

Often appearing with age, the main two causes of dark spots or patches on the skin are unprotected exposure to the sun over the years or frequent trips to the tanning salon, AND hormonal changes caused by both the birth control pill, and/or pregnancy.

Whatever the reason ( you can read my full article on them here) the good news is that you can treat them, and reduce their appearance drastically.

I myself have a few unwanted dark spots on my shoulders and neck, the result (probably) of many years spent sunbathing without any hat or suncream ( well we did back in the day didn’t we!) And I have tried quite a few of dark spot correctors out there.

I only really experienced some mediocre results until I discovered and tried Illuminatural 6i and it is without any doubt MY FAVOURITE skin lightening product.

illuminatural 6i darl spot corrector

More About Illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6i is made by US based Skincare Experts Skinception. They make an excellent range of skin care products and I have used quite a few of them. 

Illuminatural 6i is an advanced skin lightening system that uses a rather special, non toxic formula that unlike so many products of this type does not contain hydroquinone. whats more its a mere fraction of the cost of having these spots removed by laser.

I found that this amazing product produced some great results in about 4 weeks, whats more it felt great on my skin too.

How Does Illuminatural 6i Work

Illuminatural 6i works by reducing the formation and effects of the skin pigment melanin, the thing responsible for these darker skin tones.

Its clinically proven ingredients work alongside our skins natural 28 day renewal cycle. Our skin naturally renews and replenishes every 28 days, it sheds dead skin cells, replacing them with new. 

The process of hyperpigmentation ( the posh name for dark spots) occurs when the cells responsible for the pigment (called melanocytes) are produced in large numbers and also much faster than normal. 

This results in the formation of those unsightly ( and unwanted) darker spots. Furthermore, they tend to keep appearing and in some cases grow with each skin renewal period.

Illuminatural 6i works by tackling the root cause of the problem, it helps to suppress the formulation of tyrosinase, which is involved in the production of melanin which ( you guessed it) causes the appearance of darker spots.

With less melanin being released each cycle and the fact that the top layer of darker skin cells is sloughed off every 4 weeks, with more naturally toned skin being pushed towards the skins surface. 

Over a couple of skin renewal periods, the darker areas become gradually lighter and the dark spots dramatically fading and eventually disappearing.

This natural process will take a few skin renewal cycles to achieve the best results. My advice is do not go into this expecting overnight results – it can take a couple of months but if you commit to it, the rewards are definitely worth it.

how does illuminatural 6i world

Discover The Science Behind The Product – Click Here 

My Own Results With Illuminatural 6i

I had a few dark patches on my neck and shoulders, the result of too many hours skipping lessons and sunbathing behind the changing rooms at school in my youth.

I also suffered from quite bad hyperpigmentation during my early 20’s when I was taking the contraceptive pill – It was something that I hated and just couldn’t get rid of it.

Whats more, I didn’t realise at that time the consequences of all my sunbathing, I didn’t always use sunscreen and that of course made my problem worse. So the truth is that I went through my 20’s and into my early 30’s feeling quite conscious of my skin.

When I first discovered Illuminatural 6i I tried it for a period of 8 weeks and my results were really good.

The product itself has the feel of a serum rather than a cream, you may or may not know this but the molecules in a serum tend to be smaller than in creams and therefore can penetrate much deeper into the skins layers, making it far more effective.

When you place it on your finger, it has a subtle tint to it, but this disappears when you rub it into the skin. 

This means that you can place it under your moisturiser and makeup without ruining your look.

There are some comments about its fragrance not being that great, but I personally found it very subtle and quite pleasant – guess thats a personal thing.

I used it for a second time in the run up to my daughters wedding, as my only child, I wanted to be and look the perfect ‘mother of the bride’ on the big day and I had a couple of annoying dark spots on my jaw line.

Again over 4 weeks, Illuminatural 6i came to my rescue and helped reduce these so much that they weren’t visible in the wedding photos.

Illuminatural 6i is a spot treatment, by this I mean that you only put in onto the effected areas of the skin. That said, if you want to lighten your entire face, it will surely work just as well – you will just use a lot more of it.

What Do Other Users Say?

illuminatural 6i testimonials


I have to stress one thing when using Illuminatural 6i, and that is the need to use sunscreen of at least SPF30. This helps to protect the treated areas and of course ensure that you do not develop anymore dark spots. ( I wish I had known this 20+ years ago). 

Wear it at all times – in fact I would recommend that it becomes a permanent thing to do, sunscreen needs to be a constant part of your skincare routine if you want to keep looking young.

Illuminatural 6i The Good and Bad Points

Its not often that I find a pros and cons list easy to write, but this one was the exception.  But here I go:

The Good

  • Works to lighten darker areas of skin
  • Blocks the effects of harmful UV rays
  • Sloughs and removes dead surface skin cells taking the darker spots with it
  • Speeds skins natural renewal process
  • No Toxic ingredients – all clinically approved
  • Results in 4 weeks
  • applies effortlessly, can be used under makeup.
  • manufacturers 90 day cash back guarantee

The Bad

  • Only available to buy online
  • Currently no free samples available

Where Can I Buy Illuminatural 6i

illuminatural 6i official website

You can buy genuine Illuminatural 6i from amazon OR direct from the manufacturers official website (Click Here) 

“Personally I would always buy direct, you know you are getting the real deal and you also get the full 90 days guarantee protection too”

Price start at $49.95 plus shipping for a full months supply. 

You can save money by ordering larger quantities and my recommendation is the 3 month supply which will cost you $129.95 plus shipping.

I suggest the three month package as the best value buy – (a) it can take two or three renewal cycles to totally remove the dark spots so you are buying all you need it one go at a discounted price, also (b) the fact that you have a 90 day cash back guarantee. 

This assures you of a full refund that after using for the 90 days as directed, and if you fail to see any benefits or results, you can claim your full purchase price back by simply sending back the empty bottles.

Illuminatural 6i : My Final Thoughts

There are a large number of skin whitening products out there, and of course some will work for you, and others will not. 

For me, Illuminatural 6i is the real deal, its well formulated and from my own personal experiences it really does work. This is also echoed by hundreds of other other users globally

Its not as fast to work as laser treatments, but is damned less painful and a whole lot cheaper too.

What Can I Say?   “I think that if you have some annoying dark spots on your skin, then Illuminatural 6i is a great and effective product that will reduce their appearance naturally”.

You Can Read More And Get Your One Supply At The Official Website – Click Here

Have you ever tried Illuminatural6i ?

How did to work for you? Or didn’t it?

Please share your experiences, however good or bad in the comment box below..

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