Lisa Armitage Urban Defence Anti Pollution Face Serum 

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Lisa Armitage Urban Defence Anti Pollution Face Serum 

Your Daily Shield Against Pollution

lisa armitage anti pollution face serum


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I have always preferred to use products from smaller, artisan style cosmetic companies, and one of my favourite ‘go to’ range of products is made by UK based Lisa Armitage Ltd. 

As an ex-professional chef, Lisa is extremely knowledgable about the health giving power of natural superfoods.

After having her first child and looking for a new challenge having decided to leave the professional kitchen, she drew on that knowledge and experience and put it to good use when she set up her natural skincare company.

Her range of 5 products is developed around extracts of these essential foodstuffs with all of her products using simply 100% pure organic ingredients. 

Her products do not contain any Parabens, Sulphates, Glycols. Petrochemicals, Fillers, Silicones, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial fragrances or any Colourings. 

They are as you would expect 100% vegan friendly.

“My Personal Favourite Product is Her Urban Defence Anti Pollution Face Serum.”

Developed as a natural, invisible shield that defends and protects your skin from the nasty effects of everyday toxins, pollutants and of course sun exposure. 

It is a lightweight, non greasy serum that protects and boost your skins key functions, helping it to stay and look younger for longer.

Whats In The Formula?

Anti Pollution Serum contains 5 key ingredients:

Korean Ginseng – 

Extremely high in plant based nutrients, Korean Ginseng is recognised for its skin rejuvenating properties. 

It works to stimulate the skins natural metabolism, clearing any toxins and pollutants.

It helps to clear dead skin cells and encourage the development of healthy new skin, it plumps and boosts collagen production.

All in all, it helps to lift, firm, tone and plumps the skin, leaving you looking fresh, energised and healthy.

Red Sea Algae –

This seaweed extract is packed with effective anti oxidants that help to reduce the cellular damage caused by every day toxins and pollutants. 

Packed with essential A, B, C, D and K Vitamins, it helps boost the skins natural defences, helping it to reduce the damage caused by environmental stress. It also removes free radicals, soothes and clarifies stressed skin. 

It also helps to lock in essential moisture, boosting the skins appearance, reducing the effects of fatigue.

Red Raspberry Seed Extract –

Raspberries are known for their health giving benefits, A potent source of antioxidants that is also high in Omega 3, Vitamin E and 6 other essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which are known to revitalise and protect the skin, boosting its appearance and condition.

Containing 84% EFA’s, it also helps reduce the effects of UVA and UVB rays. Its great for sensitive skin too, as it can provide a valuable protective and motorising barrier.

Oat Beta Glucans –

A lesser known ingredient that is also packed with pollution busting anti oxidants.

It helps to remove skin harming pathogens that can generate cellular stress in our skin. 

It also locks in essential moisture, helping to soothe and heal, and as it has the ability to help plump out those deep seated lines and wrinkles.

Phyto-Vie Defence™

A state of the art natural botanical combination of Rape seed oils and Tung (China Wood).

Helps to boost the skins health by providing a constant supply of anti oxidants that reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals. 

It works by forming an invisible protective ayer over the skin, provides excellent protection from pollution and any aggressive environmental toxins.

The formula also contains no artificial fragrances, its uplifting formula uses Pink Grapefrut, May Chang and Ginger to provide a zesty fragrance that tones, revives and balances the skin.

Its formula is suitable for all skin types.

The full ingredient list is clearly displayed on the official website.

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Where To Buy Lisa Armitage Anti Pollution Serum 

The official website – is the only place where you can buy the genuine products.

A 50ml bottle of Anti Pollution Facial Serum will cost you £34.50.

Buyers in the UK can enjoy FREE standard shipping (3-5 days).

You can also request fully tracked, faster shipping (1-3 days) at extra cost.

Orders will also be shipped worldwide, delivery outside the UK takes between 7 and 10 days – shipping times and costs vary from £9.95 upwards depending on destination.

Return Policy

Orders are covered by a 10 day return and refund policy, if you change your mind, simply return the goods within 10 days of receipt and you will receive a refund – (see website for terms and conditions).

Check Out The Other Products In The Lisa Armitage Range:

lisa armitage products

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A round the clock treatment that improves your skin resilience to the weather and the free radicals generated by environmental toxins. £39.00

Skin Feast Omega Facial Oil – Delivers essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that nourish the skin, boosting moisture and maintaining its vitality and elasticity. £42.00.

My Thoughts On The Lisa Armitage Product Range.

We have all heard about ‘superfoods’ and how they can help boost our health when we include them in our diet.

I just love the way that Lisa and her team have taken this one step further and embraced the whole superfood ethos and by using 100% natural extracts of these superfoods have developed this amazing range of skincare products.

By sticking with nature and following the scientific research that demonstrates the sheer effectiveness of these compounds, the entire product range delivers some amazing results. 

Whats more they all feel great on the skin and smell amazing!

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