Rock Rose Beauty Face Oil For Men

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2019)

Rock Rose Beauty Face Oil For Men

My Experiences With Rock Rose Beauty Mens Face Oil

rock rose facial oil for men

My name is Paul and I help my wife Donna run Green Geranium.

I am 59 and over the years, like many men of my generation I guess, I haven’t always taken great care of my skin.

“Moisturising Your Skin Is Something That Only Women Do – Isn’t It?”

For many years I worked outside in all weathers, I hardly ever used sunscreen unless I was on holiday and moisturise?? – Men don’t do that – Thats what women do isn’t it?  I would have probably said until a couple of years ago.

As I have got a little bit older, (and hopefully a bit wiser), I have realised that us men too, need to look after our skin.

For a year or so, my go to products have been from the Clarins for men range. I used to like their Fatigue Fighter (which is now discontinued) and until recently I was using their Line Control Balm.

To be honest, I was perfectly happy with what I was using until Donna gave me a sample bottle of a product made for men by UK based Rock Rose Beauty.

Recently featured in British Vogue, the Rock Rose Beauty range of products is an all natural, plant based mix of skin balms, oils and infusions that soothe, moisturise and plump the skin.

Rock Rose Male Facial Oil

sample bottle of rock rose facial oil for men

Its a facial oil specially developed for male skin, aptly called Rock Rose Face Oil For Men, it is a blend of natural oils to help keep our skin hydrated. It can also be used before and after shaving to help soothe and protect.

Having never used a skin oil before, I was very interested in finding more about it and and its effects. I stopped using my Clarins balm and began to use this instead.

Whats In Rock Rose Facial Oil For Men?

It contains a blend of 9 pure organic plant oils, it has a base of organic sesame which is non greasy, rubs into the skin easily and also has a natural SPF factor. Its great for reducing irritation, rashes and to prevent skin damage.

It also contains:

  • Sweet Almond Oil – A great source of vitamins E and A, contains fatty acids that help to soothe and moisturise the skin, especially after shaving.
  • Benzion – An astringent that helps to reduce the size of open pores, it also tighten and tones
  • Hinoki Wood – A lovely aromatic oil that maintains a clear complexion and rebalances the skin
  • Rock Rose – The main ingredient in the product range, taken from the Cistus ladanifer plant grown especially in Portugal, it improves and protects the skins tone and texture.

The full Ingredient list is as follows:

  • Sesamum indium (Sesame Seed Oil)
  • Prunus amygdala dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil)
  • Styrax benzoin (Benzoin oil)
  • Chamaecyparis obtuse (Hinoki Wood Oil)
  • Anita Rosaeodora (Rosewood Oil)
  • Lavandula anguvstifolia ( Lavender Oil)
  • Cupressa sempervirens (Cyprus Leaf Oil)
  • Cistus ladaifer (Rock Rose Oil)
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

How To Use Rock Rose Facial Oil For Men

rock rose beauty facial oil for men

I read somewhere, that to get the best from any skin oil, you should cleanse and dry your skin, then place two or three drops into your palm, then rub the palms together to allow the heat from your hands to activate the oils within, then apply liberally to your face.

Repeat twice daily, morning and evening.

My Experience With  Rock Rose Facial Oil

I have been using the oil for a week now, I use it as above, warming the oil in my hands before applying it to my face.

It rubs in really well, and does not leave any sticky or oily residue.

It has a nice scent, nothing too strong, and certainly not feminine in any way, I cannot compare it to anything I have never used before, I just like it.

After a week, my skin certainly seems to be not as dry and flaky as it has been for as long as I can remember ( the result of many years working outside without UV protection) it feels smooth and I definitely think it looks tighter too.

My sample bottle is going to run out soon, and I am going to get some more – I do not think that I will back to to using my Clarins balm now I have tried this.

Where To Buy Rock Rose Face Oil For Men

You can buy face oil for men direct from the official Rock Rose Beauty Website ( Click Here)

A bottle containing 30ml will cost you £24.00 plus a small shipping charge ( depending on where you live).

My Final Thoughts

I am without doubt a changed man, I used to think that skin creams, balms and oils were just for women, but how wrong was I!

Its not ‘girly’ to want to look after your skin, and this face oil is a great way to start, It rubs in really well, smells nice and feels good on the skin. 

It certainly made my skin look and feel better, and I for one – am hooked…

I Can 100% Recommend Rock Rose Facial Oil For Men 

You Can Find out more about the entire range at

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