Why You Should Invest In A Good Skin Oil

Why You Should Invest In A Good Skin Oil


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Having a quality skin oil in your cosmetic drawer is exactly like having a BFF.

She is there for you through the good times and bad, helping you to look your best even when you certainly do not feel it.

Your best friend knows how important your skin is, and how it is the first thing to show the evidence of late nights, stressful days at the office, or running around after the kids.

She makes sure that whatever you are going through, your skin does not show the signs.

She is aware of the fact that makeup can only do so much, a good foundation only hiding some flaws and imperfections.

Always there to help ease your skin care concerns, and make sure that it looks healthy.

So much so that with her help, you never have to rely on a highlighter again – instead you can rely on having a really natural glow.

Buy The Best You Can Afford

Using a good quality face oil is the best way to achieve that glowing complexion, it will do wonders for your self confidence. Furthermore, just as with your best friend, not any old face oil will do.

Many of us search everywhere for the perfect face oil to suit our unique skin type.

Spending hours looking in countess stores in our search for the perfect oil when all we find are products laden with synthetic, potentially aggressive ingredients that can ultimately cause more harm to our skin.

Buy the best that you can afford, look for one that uses simply pure botanical extracts with no additives.

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Makeup Can Only Do So Much

“The right Facial oil will do far more for your complexion than any makeup will here do.”

The single most reason for investing in a good oil. The right product will do far more for your complexion than any makeup will here do.

A good face oil will:

  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Soothe Redness and Calm Irritation
  • Reduce Acne Breakouts and Scarring
  • Heal Cellular Damage Caused By Free Radicals
  • Penetrate Deep Into Your Skins Layers Boosting Hydration

Choose A Product Wisely

Look for a product that is 100% organic and natural, that way you will not have to worry about the adverse effects of unnatural preservatives, stabilisers and man made fragrances.

My Advice?

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Choose a pure botanical oil packed with nothing but 100% plant extracts, that way you will keep your skincare routine pure and give your skin that natural healthy glow.

I can actually recommend 2 products, Both products were recently featured In British Vogue.

One is made by UK based Rock Rose Beauty, the other is by US based Lion and Loki.

They are 100% plant based skin oils that have in a relatively short period of time, become firm favourites for thousands of users worldwide.

I have recently tried and reviewed both, and to be honest, I found it really hard to choose a favourite. Why don’t you check them both out, whatever one you use, I just KNOW you will love it.

Click the individual links below to read my personal reviews.

Rock Rose Beauty Facial Oil and Afterglow By Lion And Loki

” Do you have a favourite skin oil? please share your thoughts and experiences below”

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