XYZ Smart Collagen Review

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2020)

XYZ Smart Collagen Review

Can XYZ Smart Collagen Really Make You Look Up To 7.5 Years Younger In Just 84 Days?

xyz smart collagen

Collagen is the foundation stone of our skin, it is responsible for keeping it firm yet elastic, smooth and youthful looking.

As we get that little bit older, its perfect natural for our natural collagen production to reduce, this is a major cause of those hated fine lines and wrinkles that we all hate. It can spoil our self confidence and how we feel about ourselves

“Who is that older looking person staring back at me from the mirror?”

XYZ Smart Collagen is a game changing remedy for those fine lines and wrinkles, it harnesses proven botanical ingredients to work within the skins layers to stimulate our natural collagen production. plumping and boosting our skin, smoothing away the effects of time.

What even more exciting is the manufacturers claim that it can do this in just 3 months.

Its benefits do not just stop at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, the makers also tell us that its great at smoothing away stretch marks, and boosting the skins texture, firming and lifting as it gets to work.

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But Whats the Real Story Here? Does XYZSmart Collagen Really Deliver On Its Promises? 

This review looks at the product in depth

Made by Germany based Wolfson Berg, XYZ Smart collagen is a next generation collagen renewal cream that was developed to help women (and men) to restore their youthful glow and smoothness to their skin.

Using a carefully selected formula that contains just natural compounds, XYZSmart Collagen is:

  • Manufactured To The Latest Industry Standards
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Free Of Artificial Ingredients, Minerals and Palm oils

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The key compound in the formula is the sap of the South African Bulbine Frutescens plant. An extract that tackles the problem of skin ageing in two ways.

  1. It Slows the natural breakdown of collagen in the skin
  2. It promotes the natural production of more natural collagen

How Do I Use XYZ Smart Collagen?

Apply to freshly cleaned skin every morning and evening. Smooth over the face (and body if required) Use gentle upward strokes, apply and gently rub in until its fully absorbed. 

Delicately apply to the eye contour area but take care to avoid the lower eyelids and tear ducts.

The makers do recommend that you use this product alongside a good SPF factor to guard against ageing sun damage.

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What Do Users Say About XYZ Smart Collagen

User reviews are largely positive, with women reporting noticeable skin smoothing and firming, 

Most user love the slight natural fragrance, and the fact that its light and non greasy, being absorbed really easily.

Even users with naturally oily skin found that it didnt clog the pores and trigger any breakouts.

sample reviews courtesy of official xyz smart collagen website

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My Personal Results With XYZ Smart Collagen

I love trying new face creams, since I reached my mid 50’s I have (like most of us) seen the appearance of fine lines and a few wrinkles.

I agree with the other users, the cream is light and goes on really well, it is absorbed easily and does not leave any greasy residues. I too liked the gentle, natural fragrance.

As for my results, It took me about 7 days before I really noticed a change, but I can now definitely see a reduction in those hated fine lines and wrinkles, also my skin feels firmer and it looks and feels plumper, especially around the cheek area.

Overall – This ones a surefire winner

Clinical Study

21 women aged between 45 and 65 used XYZ smart collagen cream for 84 days. 

A specialist dermatologist examined their skin before the trial, and at both 42 days and after the trip finished at 84 days.

The results were confirmed with noticeable improvements in skin firmness and a marked reduction in fine lines at day 42 with even greater improvements being seen at the end of the trial.

Where Can I Buy XYZ Smart Collagen?

xyz smart collagen website

You can order direct from the official website at

Here you can buy 1 jar for USD  $49.99. 

Buyers from overseas can choose to display and pay in the currency of their choice, those available include £, CAD, AUD, EUR, MXN and CHF 

The makers ship orders worldwide, buyers in the US can enjoy free shipping, shipping elsewhere will incur a small international shipping charge.

Changed Your Mind?

The makers provide a 14 day return and refund policy, that applies to unopened packs returned in a re-saleable condition.

xyz smart collagen reviews

My Thoughts ON XYZ Smart Collagen

I absolutely  loved it, having tried numerous collagen creams, I was pleased to find a product that actually delivered some visible results.

Now we all know that there in no such thing as a miracle cream that turns back the sands of time, but this one is pretty close. 

With XYZ Smart Collagen, you can be confident that you are getting a scientifically developed, fully researched product that has performed really well in clinical trials. 

I am personally so happy with it that I have just order two more jars..

Its certainly one to try – I personally recommend it without any hesitation!

Click Here To Go To The Official XYZ Smart Collagen Website

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